Paint on Mushroom- Paul Fuog –


paul fuog mushroom











This small photographic series was developed during Paul’s posting at Stefan Sagmeister’s Experimental Outcamp in Ubud, Indonesia. The series explores the use of food in design.


The photographic series was about  Painting on the mushrooms.

Its like the sauce on the food.

Food photographic Style expresses the idea of the original deisgner Paul Fuog.

Paul Fuog holds  a boutique graphic design studio in Melbourne called Co-öp with  Dan Honey.

Graphical design can be















To SeE MoRE iNsPiring work by Paul Fuog ,Please visit


Amanda Lepore – Muse of David LaChapelle

Amanda Lepore ~Muse of David LaChapelle

American Transsexual icon Amanda Lepore has an undeniable power over fashion and culture.  She is the muse of  the fashion photographer David Lachapelle, a graceful singer, party-animal, model …

These wonderful photographs was shoot by Bartek Michalec (

The concept and photo composition is good
I like the idea: Man as Pet with Sophiscated Lady as its owner.
Helmut Newton and Steven Miesel also have  adopted this idea.
I will post  the photographs if Anyone interested

Amanda Lepore is a legend, isnt she?

Was a man ,Is a woman.
Who knows whats in her mind?

Though some would comment she as ”TOO MUCH PLASTIC”

I indeed admire her ultimate braveness to make so many decision to become a woman.

Amanda Lepore. you are special.

Bloody Erotica Guru – Suehiro Maruo

Suehiro Maruo ‘s Sex Hell

Creepy, Blood, Sex, Surrealistic – or you can call it Erotica.

Suehiro Maruo born January 28, 1956 in Nagasaki, Japan, is a Japanese manga artist, illustrator, and painter.

Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show (少女椿)

Suehiro Maruo  ‘s works are renowned for its whimstical and nightmarish imagery.  His popular manga : Mr.Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show( Check the link below)- was published in Japan in 1984 . It could be the most classical work of  Suehiro Maruo.

Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show (少女椿) published by Blast Books.

Ultra-Gash Inferno (selected short works) published by Creation Books

How to Rake Leaves published by Stone Bridge Press.

How to Take a Japanese Bath published by Stone Bridge Press.

Suehiro Maruo’s Drawings included largely of Sex and surrealistic images. Besides, Vampire, Blood, Body contortion, Circus, Body defects are the subjects Suehiro works on. That may sounds like series of unfortunate abnormal events.

As his Works are published originally in Japan, it may be hard to get all his manga as some are not published outside Japan and also because of the language translation problem.

If you are interested , you may click on the links above to take a look at his works.

Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show (少女椿)

His drawing style is quite different from the vast Manga artists, you can distinguish his works among most immediately. As an artist myself, I can tell he is very familiar with human anatomy.

Suehiro Maruo is the particular Japanese manga artist you can miss.

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