David LaChapelle-The pop and surreal Fashion Photographer

Cover of Conversation with David LaChapelle by Gianni Mercurio AngelinaJolie (left) Cover of Conversation with David LaChapelle by Gianni Mercurio     (right)Angelina Jolie: Poppy Field (Lusty Spring) 2001 Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery

David Lachapelle, the fashion photographer who records the vivid and surreal portraits of Hollywood celebrities includes Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie,Elton John, Pamela Anderson …To anyone who don’t know his life story would be surprised that, the vivid color shot in his photography, actually meant an opportunity of escape from the harshness he was experiencing and from the graveness of the world in his early photographer career . This fashion photographer had seen his first boyfriend die of AIDS when he was 19 years old. His early photography was in Black and White as he thought he had a short time span to stay in the world.

Amanda as Andy Warhol's Liz (Orange) 2007 Robilant & VoenaAmanda as Andy Warhol's Marilyn (Blue) 2007 Robilant & Voena

Amanda as AndyWarhol's Liz (Orange)(above) Amanda as Andy Warhol's Marilyn (Blue)(below) 2007 Robilant & Voena

His style ties with pop culture are patent. In his words, “…Pop art has always stood for accessible, for something that reaches people, something hich deals with interesting and important things for the masses.pop has proressively become less of a movement and more of a form of art: as there is music,or fashion,or photography, or painting , or visual arts, there is Pop Art…

Which is pretty close to the definition of Pop-Popular…Everyone knows Micheangelo

Pop culture met its climax in the sixties and left influential power over fashion ,photography, music and art. David Lachapelle has the passion to record the world  by fashion, photography, adverstising, music, video and even film…

David LaChapelle was extremely attracted to Michelangelo since he was a child. The descended great master inspires this popular fashion photographer by the “SUBLIMITY” of  the great classical artworks.  “Sistine Chapel” -the inspiration for the Exhibition:Palazzo Reale; Milan, Italy; DAVID LACHAPELLE September 2007- January 20palazzo_108


For more photos and to know more about this genius fashion photographer,

you may check out here:

David LaChapelle Stern Portfolio(Stern Fotografie Portfolio)


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