Mario Sorrentis—The Talented Family of Fashion Photographers│Part I

The transcendental ability to capture the beauty of woman seems to be the nature of the Sorrentis-family-of-photographers ..

The Italian Fashion Photographer –Mario Sorrenti was born in Naples in 1971 and moved to New York City since 10.
Kate Moss, Calvin Klein and Mario Sorrenti

The 08 F/W Cover of PURPLE Fashion Magazine,Kate Moss Made the Shot again with Mario. Isn't it glamourous?

At the young age of 21 yet with his stylish fashion photographs,the young talent was recognized by Calvin Klein and Mario landed the commerial ads for Calvin Klein Jeans and Fragrances.

The fashion photography featuring topless 17-year-old Kate Moss along with another fashion model Mark Wahlberg. The fashion ads hit the media and stirred disputation in both the fashion and photography industries in 1993. Kate Moss and Mario became pairs for a short period of time

Mario Sorrenti is the one of the most valued and renowned fashion photographer nowadays. He shoots fashion campaigns with many prestigious fashion houses and publications including Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gavanna, French and Italian Vogue, iD, Visionaire, Another and W.

With the astonishing photography skills ,Mario never found it hard to develop his career as a Fashion Photographer His camera sensibly captures the ultimate beauty of women in High Fashion The presence of his fashion photographs impressed the fashion industry.

More Fashion Photography works by Mario Sorrenti and the biography about his brother and sister-who also are talented fashion photographers-will be published next time!
Hope you all enjoy it!


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