Hot Megan Vesus Cool Fox |ELLE|Esquire June 09

SEXY Megan or Sophisticated Foxy?

Esquire and Elle June

The Transformer Hottie Megan Fox is glimmering than ever to emerge on the cover of magazines recently.  Staring the Fashion magazine ELLE and Men’s Magazine Esquire. Elle and Esquire are completely diverse- both are sound ,but for Fashionistas and Woman-seeking primates respectively.

The Elle photographed Megan Fox  in designer clothes, her bodyshape seems a bit too-much for that. Fashion Models DISPLAY designer clothes rather than S-T-R-E-C-H them. Sorry to say that but that’s true.
Her busts and hips are curvy and good looking(from the angle of sex appeal) and they actually do some “STRETCHING” to the designer clothes shot on Elle.

Moreover, the photographs are in black and white, thats smart of the ELLE fashion photographer to do the monochromic photographs. It does help creating the Elle-gant image.

That’s not really Megan!! Lets take a look of the Esquire June cover and Photographs.


The Esquire seems to be more “Megan” , Hot and SEXY.

The posture of Megan fox wearing lingerie laying on the bed, in a boyfriend’s shirt and Kissing the mirror…  Its definitely more Human-being, she smiles and looks sharp in Esquire as thats very subtle sublime Elle-gant in Elle.

Which one do you like more: The Hollywood Elle-gant or The Sexy Hot Esquire?



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